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Financial Fiduciary Tips for Surviving Market Volatility Surrounding the Presidential Election & Political News

The Worley Banks Group, a financial services firm, shares their recommendations for managing investments during market volatility, especially high-profile political events like presidential elections.

Tip 1: Now is a good time to plan your retirement.

Dave Worley financial advisor Worley Banks St. Louis
Dave Worley, Partner, The Worley Banks Group

The difficulties of 2020 have caused many people anxiety and concern for the future.

“Use your fear and frustrations to motivate you to get your financial plan together,” says Dave Worley, Worley Banks Group partner. “People are experiencing challenges they never expected. Starting the process and finding out when you can retire will often resolve stress and provide peace of mind.”

Worley says this is especially true for the Missouri educators that he helps with pension analysis. When circumstances seem out of control, it helps to focus on the things that can be planned, he says.

Tip 2: Ensure your plan covers all the bases.

Tim Banks Financial Advisor Worley Banks St. Louis
Tim Banks, Partner, The Worley Banks Group

“A financial plan is much bigger than just managing investments. Make sure you include all aspects of your financial life in your plan. Other financial decisions can have a bigger impact on your income and asset preservation at retirement than investments alone,” says Worley Banks partner Tim Banks.

Be sure that your financial plan includes tax, insurance, mortgages, risk, estate planning, and reliable investments that meet your goals, Banks says.

Tip 3: Look at the facts, not the hype.

When you look at history, the party in power—whether it’s Republicans or Democrats—has had little to no impact on investment returns, according to

Since Franklin Roosevelt, the U.S. has had seven Democratic and seven Republican administrations. Yet, according to Capital Group, a $1,000 investment made under FDR would likely be worth $14 million today. Stocks have trended higher regardless of which party has been in office. Yet, getting out of the market to avoid any of these presidents could have negatively impacted an investor’s long-term returns.

“The message history tells us is stay invested,” says Worley. “There is market volatility that can be unnerving in reaction to political events. However, it’s best to ignore the headlines and focus on your long-term plan.”

Tip 4: Stay the course for your retirement plan.

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional aspects of politics, pandemics and social upheaval.

“This year has caused some of our clients to consider delaying their planned retirement or make unexpected decisions to retire,” says Banks. “It’s fine to change your plan, but you don’t have to react to scary news or situations. A good financial plan considers the unexpected for retirement income and asset preservation. Your plan is designed to enable you to retire as planned, even if it is in the midst of a pandemic and changing political cycle.”

Ultimately, the financial advisors at the Worley Banks Group suggest that you stay focused on the end game.  

“We’ve been through two economic downturns. We’ve learned to invest for the long-term, not the everyday market moves,” says Banks.

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