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Our experience has taught us valuable lessons which we have incorporated into our practice.

Financial Organization

Financial organization is both comforting and liberating! We view financial organization as one of the most important services we provide. Knowing that your finances are thoughtfully structured and managed allows you to whole-heartedly pursue your personal and family goals. Our state-of-the art technology is utilized to provide clarity and direction as we help you craft a sound comprehensive plan.

Financial Advisors vs. Investment Managers

There is a big difference between an investment manager and a comprehensive financial advisor! We devote our practice to comprehensive financial advising. A solid plan encompasses so much more than the selection of investments. After all, what good are your investments if the complementary issues – tax analysis, estate planning, risk management, and pension planning – haven’t been addressed?


A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties. We subscribe to the fiduciary standard and provide transparent wealth management and advisory services. We always have put the interests of our clients first, and we will always do so in the future!

Every Encounter Matters!

This is the guiding principle of our practice. Technology has impacted our industry in significant, positive ways. However, we are convinced that nothing can replace the personal relationship we have with our clients. We have structured our organization so our advisors are available to meet and review on your schedule! We utilize technology to serve you better, but we are committed to reviewing your plan on a consistent basis. Every encounter matters!

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Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Plans

We pride ourselves in taking an objective analytical approach when helping our clients navigate the complex world of retirement planning, pension planning, investment management, risk management, tax planning, estate planning and philanthropy. We use planning software to do a complete analysis before making recommendations, and we rely upon ongoing in-depth analyses to guide us going forward.

Retirement Planning

Retirement may be a distant goal or right around the corner, but it is never too early to start planning! We understand how important retirement decisions are, and we know the decisions can be complex and puzzling. Our focus is on simplifying those decisions and guiding our clients toward the plan that fits them best!

Pension Planning

Public School Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS) and Public Education Employees of Missouri (PEERS) members have unique planning needs, and we are specifically equipped to address those needs. Two of our advisors are retired PSRS members, and we have over 15 years of experience helping PSRS and PEERs members make wise decisions regarding their pensions.

Investment Management

We abide by the fiduciary standard. Our approach to investment management is always based upon what is in the best interest of our clients. Our investment recommendations are not motivated by commissions, nor are there any proprietary investments. We utilize a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to oversee and adjust our portfolios.

Risk Management

Too many financial firms focus solely on investments while ignoring the need to insure and protect assets. Our experience with PSRS and PEERS pensions taught us the value of life insurance as a tool for protecting a pension benefit and creating an asset that can carry on to the next generation. We perform a thorough risk analysis for every comprehensive plan.

Tax Planning

Tax strategies play a large part in any comprehensive financial plan, and we coordinate our comprehensive plans with the tax professionals to make sure we are being proactive.

Estate Planning and Philanthropy

Estate planning represents the ribbon that ties your comprehensive financial plan together. Multi-generational planning is essential, yet it is often overlooked or pushed “down the road.” Our responsibility is to help you organize your financial life, and the estate planning piece gives our clients confidence knowing their assets will pass to future generations. In addition, estate planning will open avenues for charitable giving.

Meet the Team

Each of our advisors is dedicated to proactively helping our clients pursue their personal goals.

Dave Worley


Dave focuses his practice on pension analysis and complementary strategies for Missouri educators.

He taught English and history for 29 years in Missouri – 5 years in a private school and 24 years in public schools before retiring from the Public School Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS) in 2006. His wife, Suzanne, also retired in 2006 from a 30-year career teaching English and history in Missouri public schools.

Dave’s experience sorting through the retirement process for himself and his wife led him to dedicate his practice to helping Missouri educators analyze their retirement options and make informed decisions.

Dave enjoys traveling out West and spending time with Suzanne, their children Heather, Lauren, Chad, and Marc, and their families.


  • Washington University -- BA in English
  • University of Missouri – St. Louis -- MA Education
  • Lifetime Missouri teaching certificate – English and history
  • Private Client Services Investment Advisor Representative
  • Private Client Services Registered Representative

Timothy J. Banks


Tim is dedicated to the families that trust him with their financial well-being. For 17 years, Tim has helped families at retirement build comprehensive financial plans around their goals and concerns. He loves helping families make the important decisions they need to make at retirement along with the emotions that come with retirement and their finances.

He is a student of financial planning and has a strong passion to learn more about every area of finance. The biggest reason for his success is the team behind him. Tim loves his family, friends, golf, and cleaning poopy diapers.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from the Missouri State University -- Business Management
  • Private Client Services Investment Advisor Representative
  • Private Client Services Registered Representative

Jordan St. Clair


Jordan St. Clair is the Chief Operations Officer for the Worley Banks Group. His focus is to maintain an efficient operational culture that provides outstanding service and care to every client. He brings a wealth of experience advising physicians, business owners, and young professionals to the Worley Banks planning and operations teams. Jordan's passion through financial planning, is to give clients the tools, time and peace of mind to live a meaningful life and pursue what matters most to them.

Jordan earned his Business degree from Southwest Baptist University and has been in the financial industry since. He lives in the St Louis area with his wife, Joelle. In his free time, he loves cheering on his hometown Kansas City sports teams, golfing, leading youth at Calvary Church and spending time with family and friends.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from Southwest Baptist University -- Business Management

Ryan Furlong


Financial planning can be complicated and has many layers, which is why Ryan makes it his mission to break down the complicated and communicate in a way that resonates with clients. Ryan loves educating clients and giving them a sense of empowerment in making their most critical financial decisions. The most enjoyable aspect of his role is building deep, long-lasting relationships with the individuals and families he works alongside.

Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning from the University of Missouri Columbia and has been in the financial planning industry since. In his free time, Ryan loves cheering on the St. Louis Blues, golfing, spending time with family and friends, and going on hikes with his dog Molly.


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